How To Make $500 Per Day With A New Website

Have you been looking for a way to make money, up to $500 in a day and off course legitimately? This is one of the best post you will be reading online on this regards.

You can make over $500 dollars every day (on average, say, if you are making 3000 dollars in a week or 15000 in a month) it isn’t impossible, but it’s going to require some serious effort and coordination on your part. This is not one of those get rich schemes that you see across the internet, and obviously not one of those invest N10 and get N20 in 48 hours trash.

Before you continue, i will advice you to pay attention to every single detail on this post, because i am sure this is one of the best you will ever read about making money online.

That i can guarantee you.

If you doubt it, see what some of our students are saying.

People are earning in a week, what there jobs pay them in a month.

Our students are glad they are part of this great opportunity

Pay attention to every information on this page, the information you are about to read has changed the lives of many smart Nigerians. This is probably one of the most important post you are reading this year.

You will discover the best Secret Ways you can earn up to $500 daily and be paid into your Bank Account in Nigeria Legitimately.

Hello, We are Provellum, and we have about a ton of different ways we earn money online daily. But we want to share the best strategies with you, one by one and help you start making money online today.

The reason you never probably heard about us until now is that we have been busy doing the things that makes us money online, but now we like to expose the secret to a few people who are lucky to be on this page and ready to take action.

The best way to make money online is to learn from experts. That’s what this post is all about. We have created a complete step by step system that will enable any open-hearted person who is desperate for success and is ready to put in a few hours a day to start earning money online legitimately by this time tomorrow.

The sweetest part is that you can manage and operate this kind of business with your smart phone. No need to rent a shop/office or hire a sales girl, interestingly, you do not need bogus capital to start. All you need to do is to pay attention to what you are about to read.

So many people are interested in how they can make money online even using their smartphones. Many of our students have built sustainable income source with the internet.

One great thing about the internet is that it’s such a great way to get into business for yourself. No matter where you live, as long as you have an internet connection, you can always make money online.

There are many ways to make money online legitimately. But pay attention to the best 2 ways we want to show you today to earn money legally.

  1. Blogging
  2. CPA (Cost Per Action) Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money Blogging

Blogging, it is one of the proven ways to earn money online. Blogging, when done properly, can easily generate from thousands to hundreds of thousands of Naira per month. Blogging is currently a buzzword on the internet these days with over 2 million websites talking about it. But despite the huge discussion on this topic, most people still struggle to make money. But, here most of our students are doing $300-$700 per day with their new blogs. You want to know how they do it? Then you should read on.

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First let us show you what a typical day adsense profit from one of our websites looks like.

You can become one of our Masterclass students today and start generating some quick wins online by next week.

This earnings are not superficial, most of our students dedicated to this are earning more than this from adsense daily. The difference between you and them is that they have the information you don’t have.

First, you need to have your own website and share useful and interesting topics there. Before creating your blog, you need to get a popular topic or subject that will bring a lot of visitors to your website.

How will you know the right topics or niches that will bring lots of visitors?

How can you drive massive traffic to your blog without paying a dime on advert?

How can my blog be approved for adsense?

This are some of the questions most people ask us, the answers to all the questions and more are waiting for you as you continue reading this post.

Most people think blogging is about writing regularly and sharing your website and contents on social media platforms. Let me shock you, just 10-15 posts on your blog can drive 1,000-3,000 visitors to your website daily, which can earn you up to $300-$500 daily to your adsense account.

Look at this, 483 page views earned us $249, and the day is not over yet. This is the power of information

Also some others think blogging needs a bit of patience before you can start making real money from it, but hear me, you can create a new blog today and follow our instruction in the masterclass, and you will see how we drive massive traffic to our new blog using google adword, facebook ad and instagram without spending money on ads. This is called FREE ad spend.

Let me give a tip about how this works. when you become a member of our Masterclass, we will share with you a technique that we have been using to promote products / blogs on adwords without spending a single dime, yes you don’t need a single coin to run your ads on google. Its completely FREE. You will receive FREE $350 to run your ad on google. Google gives you $350 to run your ads and you don’t pay for it. This techniques is been used only by the online gurus and i am sure they are not happy we are exposing this to you. But we don’t really care, the sky is large enough for everyone. and you to deserve to know this

Now, see what it looks like. we have used only $53 from $350 ad credit given to us by google to drive traffic from any country we want. Interesting right?


Google gives you $350 to run ads, and you can create multiple of this kind of account. imagine if you get 10 of this kind of advertising accounts.

That is 10 x 350 = $3500 worth of ad credit given to you. Just imagine for a sec what you can do with all of that. In our masterclass, we teach our students how to get at least 5 accounts every single week. This is a technique you don’t want to miss.

Now, that is not all. We promised to show you 2 best ways to make your first $500 online starting from when you wish to start. We have reserved the best for the latter.

So imagine if just one of this system can earn you more than $500 daily, its is possible to earn well above $1000 online in single day.

For us at Provellum, the second income model we want to talk about is the best and the most preferred. This has even higher income potential than the one we have talked above (blogging). This income model is known as CPA Marketing. CPA means Cost per Action.


How Did We Get Started In Blogging And Affiliate Marketing?

We started learning about affiliate marketing after realizing Google Adsense was NOT the only way to make money online. In fact, it’s far from being the best way to earn money from your traffic.

Then we just started searching to learn more about affiliate marketing and found blogs doing 4-6 figures per month just promoting affiliate products.

Finally, we decided to learn more and spent a lot of dollars in buying bought courses on udemy, fiverr etc.(back then it wasn’t so bad). This was back in 2012-2013 and since that time we have been learning many strategies including email marketing, FB Ads, SEO, Pop traffic, Push Ads and Native.

Like we said earlier, The best way to make money online is to learn from experts. That’s what this post is all about.

In a single month we have made over $6,000 this is around ?? naira.  from one of our CPA networks. Earning from a single month, and yet people are doing better.

There is no limit  to what you can earn in CPA marketing, you set the limit for yourself.

We have over 7 years experience in this industry and we make money online daily, doing what we love and know how to do. Blogging and CPA marketing.

people actually make more than this online, not everybody who stay on the PC does yahoo-yahoo as it is so called. Most of our student do $3,000-$10,000 monthly following our lead in our masterclass course.

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Now what exactly is CPA marketing?

CPA means cost per Action. You make money each time a supposed action is completed by a target audience in regards to an offer you promoting.
These actions ranges from submitting details of email address, phone number,zip code.. downloading something, taking a survey, submitting CC details etc. Each time such actions is completed you generate a lead and your leads converts to cash.

In Cpa Marketing no sales is required, you can make money with Cpa once a user / visitor performed an action towards your Cpa offers
• You don’t need a product
• You don’t have to be an expert
• You don’t need to work long hours
• You don’t need to spend a fortune

For each action taken you get paid, the more the actions completed the more the cash.The pay you get per lead depends on the offer.. Generally, the Pay per lead ranges from $0.50 – $15 depending on the offer and the target country for your traffic.

Let’s assume you promoting an offer that pays $2.50 per lead (that is when somebody completes the supposed action required), this means if you could generate 1000 leads you make $2500, it could be much more & it could be much less, it all depends on your traffic.

A new student of our masterclass shares his earning from one of the cpa network we work with

As you can see from the above earnings, just 75 Leads that was generated in few hours on the first campaign earned this student $180. You know what that means in naira for a single day earning.

And the truth here is that you can do more than 100 leads in a day, if you know how to drive massive traffic without paying for it. If an SS2 student in Enugu state can do this, why can’t you do better?

Then for the second campaign just 8 leads earned 9.60 and so on. Then you see the total earning to be $207 from all the campaign.

There are hundreds of CPA networks if not not thousands online. The CPA network is a function of a middle man between the advertisers and Affiliates. The offers you promote are actuallly placed on the CPA network by advertisers. Most times these advertisers are big companies who want to extend their outreach to more customers.

Applying to a CPA network is almost like applying for a job offline. You go through a critical interview process. But don’t worry, we are here for you.

The network want to be conscious of who is applying, if you really know how everything works and if you are ready to work.

They know its quite easy to make money with CPA so they want people that will come on board and work ie (Promote offers). It shows you know what to do and how to do it.

Why Haven’t You Heard Of This Before Now?

The people doing this business, especially here in Nigeria GUARD it jealously.

They hate sharing the details of this business with other people. I have met a number of them and when you ask them to share some details with you, they just stop talking with you, some will scare you away by asking you to $500-$1000 for a piece of information

The Greedy folks. Yes they’re that hard-hearted. We are not like them, this is why we have prepared something we trust you would love.


The Online Profit Masterclass.

This is the best online training course that guarantees you making $300-$500 online daily through blogging and CPA marketing. 

Imagine making $300-$500 daily for the next 30 days. In the worse case scenario, if you can make $100 daily that will amount to $3000 in 30 days. The newest student who just subscribed to Online Profit Masterclass is already doing better than that.

What do you get from the The Online Profit Masterclass.

The online profit master class is the best course for anyone who wants to make money online without struggle, we have years of experience in this industry and we will give all you need to make money online and plus a new website for you to get started.

  1. We will create for you a brand new website which you will use to start your online business for FREE. Because we know you cannot do this business without a website. Your website will be hosted in US and secured SSL (This is worth N50,000)
  2. You will be added to the Online profit Masterclass group on telegram where you meet ordinary Nigerians who have turned millionaires by joining successful online profit masterclass.
  3. No need to waste time and money learning silly techniques. We will spoon feed you with all the details you need, the sweetest part, you cans start with your smartphone
  4. You will learn how to create google advertising account with FREE $350 to promote your blog or CPA offer. Google is the biggest search engine in the world, and advertising on google makes your site appear to people who need them. This service alone is worth N70,000.
  5. You will also learn how to run facebook ad with FREE $25 ad spend. You will run ad on facebook without paying a dime. you can create multiple accounts too. This service worth N50,000
  6. We will help you in creation and approval of CPA account from top affliate companies like maxbounty, adcombo etc
  7. We we teach you how to create a UAE paypal account to receive your payments and withdraw your paypal earnings here in Nigeria.
  8. You will have 247 dedicated access to expertise instructor on phone, email, skype or whatsapp for any issues or inquiries.

Other offers you will get from the Online masterclass includes

  1. How and where to get excellent content and specific traffic to make use of google adsense, not just any kind of traffic
  2. As a member of our profit master class, you are entitled to a free website, installed with premium plugins. Yoast SEO, facebook pixel, google analytics, Statistics to view your traffic performance etc.
  3. We will show you the best Blog niches that you can monetize with Google AdSense for $500 daily
  4. How to avoid Common mistakes of Google AdSense network users
  5. We will show you how to Place ads on the right section of your blog
  6. You will learn how to create contents and target high CPC countries, and how to drive FREE massive traffic daily.
  7. We will show you how to target traffic from USA, Canada, Austrilia and other high cpc countries for free.
  8. Integrate Google AdSense with Google Analytics
  9. How to optimize the size of your Google AdSense ads
  10. How to make the right use of keywords
  11. Placement targeting: Another trick for increasing your Google AdSense revenue

For CPA, You will learn how to

  1. get accepted into any CPA network
  2. How to select CPA offer that gives high conversions
  3. How to promote your products/offer without spending money.
  4. How to receive payments from your CPA marketing network into your bank account.

Everything you need to be successful, I’ll show you… In fact, by the time I am through with you; you will be jumping on the chair, over-excited and screaming at the top of your lungs

Now, How can i Join the Online Profit Masterclass?

A few people who were opportune to be part of this masterclass early this year are already smiling to the bank from their little effort on daily basis. 

And they had a few words to say about how much what I thought has impacted their income and their lives.

Take A Proven System And Put It to Work Within 3 Days Or Less, Then you too we see this kind of earnings coming to you.

This is why I want to make it super easy for you to be a member of this Online Profit Masterclass, by asking you to pay just.


That is (N87,500) Only. 

Even though we know that this Masterclass is well worth more than N87,500; considering it has the power to put over $1000, $2000, $5,000 daily/weekly/monthly in your bank account without you doing any heavy lifting… however, we want to show you how sure we are about what we are going to reveal to you.

So, if you’re among the first 20 fast action takers to order this course by clicking THE LINK BELOW. This is what we will do for you;

We’ll let you grab access to this Master Class at an amazing discount priceand pay the balance when you make your first $500 using the exact steps we will be revealing to you at the course.

Meaning, instead of paying N87,500 ($250) today, you pay…

Only N25,000 which is ($70) NOW!


You Will Have No Excuse

At ONLY N25,000, you cannot say the even is over priced. You cannot say it’s too expensive. You cannot say we hate you and we do not want you to get access to this live changing opportunity. Remember you get a FREE website as part of your welcome kit to the Online Profit Masterclass.

It’s cheap and anyone can afford it.

So there you go.

No excuses!

Remember this offer is available for only 20 people. This offer also expires imidiately the we hit 20 members. After offer expires the Masterclass Mentorship Program goes back to it starter price of $250. And nothing can change it.


This Masterclass will leave no stone unturned and will reveals everything you need to get started right from now.

You’re going to discover the most potent, ground-breaking money making system that you allows you to get paid every month for the rest of your life even when you stop doing it.

You cannot stop it even if you wish to and it will keep spilling out recurring monthly paychecks into your bank account.

How to order

  1. Click on the Get Access button
  2. Enter your details on the for provided for and click submit
  3. You will be redirected to a payment page, where you pay the sum of N35,000 naira only.
  4. After successful payment, you will be redirected a page that contains other instruction to continue as a member of the Online Profit Masterclass.
  5. Join the Masterclass group on Telegram and start learning
  6. Your FREE website will be delivered to you in 3-5 days.
  7. Congratulations, you are a member of the Provellum Online Profit Masterclass.

There is something even more interesting, supoosing you are so busy, or too lazy that you would not have the time to manage your business online. We have a good new for you.

We can help you manage and monitor your business, here you allow the professionals handle everything from creating your website, managing and monitoring your blog, creating your CPA accounts, driving massive traffic using our technique etc, all you have do is relax and monitor your earnings as it grows everyday. Here what we are typically doing is eliminating the whole stress for you, monitor your earning from anywhere around the world.

If you need us to take out all the work load from your head, this will cost you N120,000 only.

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